Eva (parkersstarbuck) wrote in talkaboutbooks,

beverly connor: one grave too many

well, the backside said a kathy reichs and patricia cornwell fan will love this book ... I am at page 172 at the moment and it is down right boring. the main character diane fallon, a forensic pathologist who retired and is now boss of a museum after she loss her "step"-daughter in southern america (you get that information within 1/2 a page and no explinations for it) gets a bone from a friend of her to analyse. she didnt want to do it at first. within 100 pages nothing happens. then three people (parents and son) get murdered in their house and the police (bad, bad local police!) thinks that it was star, the missing daughter. diana starts a blood splatter analyse in the house when she gets threatened by star's boyfriend - the police is also searching for him - with a knive.

isnt that 08-15?? It feels like that. I know that beverly connor had a series of an archeologist, I dont know those books, but this one ... is SOOOO far away from my beloved kathy reichs or (my less liked) patricia cornwell.

does anybody knows the other series around lindsey chamberlain??
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